Nanganallur Rajarajeshwari Temple, Chennai

Nanganallur Rajarajeshwari Temple

Nanganallur Rajarajeshwari Temple

Sri Rajarajeshwari temple is one of the oldest temples and the area is named as Nanga Nallai (place of the noble women) in honour of the great goddess Rajarajeshwari which is now called as Nanganallur. This is a private temple and run by a group of people. This temple having two floors is located at Nanganallur.

Apart from the main shrine of Sri Rajarajeshwari, the following shrines are also present in this temple:

1. Lord Dattatreya
2. Lord Bhairava
3. Sri Lakshmi sametha Satyanarayana Swamy
4. Vinayaka
5. Durga

The main idol of Rajarajeshwari is seen in sitting posture. She wears jewels and flower garlands and she looks very beautiful. She is surrounded by Lakshmi, Saraswati, Ganapathi and Murugan. The shrines of Matangi Devi and Vaarahi Devi are also seen on the either side of the sanctum. Fifty-one Shakti Yantras are installed in this temple.It is believed that Rajarajeshwari in this shrine was worshipped by the great Sages Agasthyar and Thirumoolar.

The rays from the sun touch the holy feet of the Goddess for six days in the early morning time during the Masi Masam. Special poojas are done during this time. We will experience the divinity of the holy Mother everywhere in the temple. This temple is located nearby Pazhavanthangal Railway station.


By visiting this temple and worshipping the goddess will bring good fortunes in our life. Hence let us try to visit this holy temple at least once in a year and get the blessings of the divine mother Sri Rajarajeshwari.

Let us chant the name of the affectionate mother and be blessed.

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