Moon in 6th house, Chandra in Shatru Sthana

Moon in 6th house, Chandra in Shatru Sthana, Moon in 6th House of horoscope – what it indicates?

When Moon is in 6th house he will get from the world only what he gives. Adversity caused by House No. 6 can bring him to zero.

When Moon is alone in House No. 6 he will have excellent life in his youth as well as old age and his enemies would also turn friends.

If House No. 4, 8, 12 are malefic Moon will become malefic till 34 years.

If Venus is malefic the in-laws are destroyed and Mercury is malefic the mother’s side gets destroyed and Ketu is malefic father’s side will be destroyed.

As a remedy digging a well in a hospital or cremation ground will be beneficial. The position of 2nd house will indicate the kind of respect and fame he will enjoy.

The position of the 4th house will denote wealth. Family life will be indicated by the 12th house.

Sixth House in Horoscope

This house indicates the enemies, difficulties, debts, diseases and obstacles in the life of the native.

The intestines, umbilical region, diseases of the eye and operations and accidents are indicated by this house. Read more about the Sixth House.

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