Moodami 2023-2024 | Guru Moodam & Shukra Moodam dates

Moodami or Moodam or Lop is an inauspicious period during which no shubh karya or auspicious program or function can be performed. In 2023-2024, there are one Guru Moodam period and one Shukra Moodami period.

There are two types of Moodam in Hindu Astrology – Guru Moodam or Guru Moodami or Guru Lop and Shukra Moodam or Shukra Moodami or Shukra lop.

Moodami means the darkness in Sanskrit. When the grahas (planets) Brihaspati or Guru (Jupiter) and Shukra (Venus) near the Sun (Surya), the Moodami occurs. The planet which nears the Sun loses its energy and power. The darkness occurs in the time of planetary motion.

Shukra moodam occurs when Shukra graha (the planet of Venus) reaches close to Sun, loses its energy and strength and becomes malefic and inauspicious.

1. Guru Moodam 2023-2024 (28 March 2023 to 26 April 2023)

Swasthi Sri Shobhakruth nama Samvatsara Guru Moodami begins on 28 March 2023, Chaitra Shukla Saptami, at 9.00 AM, by Guru Graha Astha in west direction.

Guru Moodam ends on 27 April 2023, Vaishakh Shukla Saptami, at 1.49 AM, by Guru Graha Udayam in east direction.

During Guru Moodami, auspicious rituals like Engagement (Nischithartham), Vivah (Marriage), Upanayanam, Shankhu Sthapana (Bhumi Pooja), Grihapravesham, Devata Pratishta, starting new business, starting new shops or offices should be avoided as per Sanatan Jyotish Shastra.

2. Shukra Moodam 2023-2024 (8 August 2023 to 18 August 2023)

Swasthi Sri Shobhakruth Nama Samvatsara Shukra Moodami begins on 8 August 2023, at 2.41 AM (Adhika Shravana Krishna Ashtami), by Shukra Graha Astha in west direction.

Shukra Moodam ends on 18 August 2023 at 7.21 PM (Shravana Shukla Dwitiya) after Shukra Graha Udayam.

During Shukra Moodami, auspicious rituals like Engagement (Nischithartham), Vivah (Marriage), Upanayanam, Shankhu Sthapana (Bhumi Pooja), Grihapravesham, Devata Pratishta, starting new business, starting new shops or offices should be avoided as per Sanatan Jyotish Shastra.

During Guru Moodam or Shukra Moodami, the auspicious rituals like Seemantham, Annaprasana, Shashti Poorthi, Bheemaratha Shanti, Sahasra Chandra Darshanam, Entering into new rented house, Navagraha Shanti Poojas, Land Registrations, Home or Apartment Registrations, Buying New Vehicles, All Homas and Yagnas, Construction of Slab or roof on Old houses, Namakaranam, Aksharabhyasam, Joining New jobs, etc can be performed.

Avoidable Events in Moodami | Yagna, Aksharabhyasam, Seemantham, Starting New Business?

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