Dharma, the Code of Virtue in Hindus’ Daily Life

Dharma is the Code of Virtue in Hindus’ daily life. The most widely used word “Dharma” is not exactly definable. But broadly, it can be said to connote righteous duties, Divine ordinances, customary usage, certain ideals before mankind, justice, equity, good conduct or morality. It is commonly understood that those who follow it are bound to […]

Merits & Beneficial results of Mantras

What are the merits or beneficial results of Mantras? Why we chant mantras and what advantages we get? There will be a Phalasruti (one / few slokas stating the merits of chanting the particular mantra) for each stotra or mantra. The most enviable and extraordinary gifts which mankind has been endowed with, in contrast to animals and […]

Significance of ringing the Bell during puja

The ringing of bells is one of the most significant rituals performed during the puja among the Hindu community. It is believed that the ringing of bells produces the sound Om which was the first sound to emerge in the universe. It would therefore ward off all negative influences out of the minds of the […]

Why do we apply the Holy Ash (Vibhuti Dharana / Bhasma Dharana)

Vibhuti Dharana Applying Holy Ash in Hinduism

In Hindu tradition, many devotees apply the holy ash known as Bhasma or Vibhuti on the forehead. The bhasma is the holy ash obtained after the wood is burnt in the homa. Here a special wood is used and other materials like ghee and other herbs are offered into the sacrificial fire. The word Bhasma […]

Pooja room, Why do Hindus have Puja Room?

In Hindu tradition, the pooja room is an inevitable part of any house. Be it a big mansion or a small house, there is always space for the puja room within the house. Due to space constraints in the modern day, sometimes shelfs or racks replace the room but still there will be a separate […]

Importance of the Puja Room: Why we worship God at Puja room only?

The puja room is the most important place in the house. It is the place where the Gods are worshipped and has that significant vibration due to this and hence it calls for a separate space within the house. The whole of the universe is made of energy. What we see and worship as God […]