Mercury in 12th House | Budha in House of Loss

Mercury in 12th House, Budha in House of Loss (Vyaya Sthana) – Effects of Mercury in 12th House (Positive effects & negative effects)…

When Mercury is in 12th house the native will enjoy a long and comfortable life but during transit it will destroy the peace of mind and make his life miserable. Mercury in House No. 12 is considered malefic for males and not so much for females.

When Mercury is with Saturn and Jupiter it will become a pond full of nectar. The fish line of Saturn, Jupiter in the chart makes Mercury excellent. The items of Mercury will not be beneficial for the native. The wealth and progeny will grow with the support of Ketu.

Positive effects of Mercury in 12th house

When Jupiter or Saturn is in House No. 2, 12 or Jupiter, Saturn is in House No. 3 and Jupiter is in House No. 2, 12 it will bring prosperity and wealth.

Jupiter in 2nd or 12th house will bring respect, power, wealth and comforts of life. Saturn and Jupiter in 7th house will give positive results from Mercury as long as Saturn and Jupiter are together and do not join Mercury.

Negative effects of Mercury in 12th house

The native will not be of stable mind and behave euphoric in sometimes and depressed in other times the effects of mercury will start when he starts drinking. Wife of the native will be troubled and unlucky. He will spend all his energy in useless works.

Mercury in 12th house will make Ketu and Venus malefic. Children will be troubled and there will be loss through speculation. If the native marries in the 25th year both wife and father will become unlucky and every 3rd year will be unlucky for the native.

If the native has more than 30 teeth it indicates malefic results. There will be loss of wealth and respect and he may be also imprisoned due to the malefic effects of Rahu.

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