Mercury in 11th House | Budha in Labha Sthana

Mercury in 11th House, Budha in Labha Sthana (House of gains) – Effects of Mercury in 11th house (Positive effects & negative effects)…

When Mercury is in 11th house the native will face problems till the age of 34 and will lead a comfortable life after that. Saturn will move in the circle of Mercury and Jupiter will decide its fate.

The effects of Mercury in House No. 11 will be unlucky during the day and lucky at night.

Positive effects of Mercury in 11th house

The native will get wealth and comforts after the 34th year until then Jupiter like air and Saturn like poison will keep mixing in the effect of Mercury.

If House No. 2 is blank the native would be skilful and respectful.

When Mercury in House No. 11 transits House No. 1 it will give extremely beneficial results.

Negative effects of Mercury in 11th house

The malefic effects of Jupiter, Saturn and Moon will remain in force till the 34th year of the native and after that life will be comfortable.

When in transit, Mercury in House No. 9 comes to House No. 11, if a person accepts a charm from a fakir during this period, Mercury will prove extremely destructive.

As a remedy the native can keep a red ball of iron with him or use a copper coin around the neck. This will give him some relief from the problems.

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