Meenakshi Sokkanathar Temple, Tirunelveli

Similar to Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple, there is a nice temple for Meenakshi and Sokkanathar, and it is located in Tirunelveli district nearby the beautiful Tamiraparani River. Those who are unable to visit Meenakshi Amman Temple at Madurai can visit this temple, in order to get the same results of worshipping Ma Meenakshiin the Madurai Temple.

This temple is located near the Nellai Junction and it attracts large number of devotees during festival periods.

The main deities of this temple are Sokkanathar, and Ma Meenakshi. Apart from the main shrines, the other shrines present in this temple are Lord Dakshinamoorthy, Muruga with his consorts, Ma Durga, also known as Vishnu Dirga, and Lord Saneeswara and his guru Kala Bhairava.

During the fourteenth century, a noble Pandya king was ruling Madurai and his beloved deities are Sokkanathar and Meenakshi. He used to worship Shiva and Parvati everyday by performing puja to them on his own hands.Once the Chera King Purushothaman was decided to start a war with the Pandya Kingdom, and went to Madurai along with his army. There accidentally he met the daughter of Pandya king and fell in love with her. The Pandya king performed marriage to both of them. Since the great Lord Shiva had stopped the war, and also made the enemy king to become his son-in-law, the king decided to build a new temple for Lord Shiva, and constructed a beautiful temple for Lord Sokkanathar and Ma Meenakshi at Thirunelveli.

This temple is considered as suitable for conducting marriages.

The temple conducts five daily pujas and celebrates the wedding of Meenakshi in the month of Chittirai, and also grandly celebrates Navaratri and Kanda Shasti festivals. Shiva devotees who reside in Thirunelveli area, would compulsorily visit this temple during Mondays and on other auspicious festival days, and worship Lord Sokkanathar and Ma Meenakshi in order to get all kinds of prosperity in their life.


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