Jagadhatri (Maa Jagaddhatri)

Jagadhatri Maa

Jagadhatri Maa

Jagadhatri is another form of Devi Durga, who is worshipped mostly in West Bengal and Odisha. It is believed that once she controlled the ego of the demigods and told to them that she was the UNIVERSAL GODDESS, and everything was controlled by her, and Goddess took her original divine form as Goddess Jagadhatri sitting on a lion,and the demigods were accepted their mistake and asked her to pardon them.

The Jagadhatri Puja was first started by the king of Bengal. Jagadhatri Puja is very popular in West Bengal and Odisha. Jagadhatri Puja is one of the ancient puja in Bengal. According to history, once the ruler of west Bengal was arrested by the Nawab for non-payment of taxes. He was released from Prison during Vijayadashami Festival. Due to that, in order to thank Mata Durga,Jagatdhatri Puja was performed.

Similar to Sri Jaganath’s RathaYatra, every year Jagadhatri festival is celebrated in a grand manner in Odisha,which generally takes place during the month of October–November.

During the festival, grand mela will be organized and Devi’s Holy Prasad will be served to the devotees after the end of the puja. Devotees from all over India will visit this mela, in order to receive the blessings of Mata Jagadhatri. Various decorations will be made in the mela festival and Devi will be decorated with flower garlands and proper lighting arrangements will be there.During Vijayadasami day, large number of people will attend the puja function to seek the blessings of the holy mother.

According to Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, “Jagadhatri devi is residing in the hearts of all of her sincere devotees, and through her grace only our mind can be controlled, and we will be able to think about good things and can avoid bad things in our life. She is the divine mother who controls us, and helps us to move to the correct path. And she is none other than Durga and Kali Devi, and protects us throughout our life, and makes us to life happily and peacefully”.


By worshipping Mata Jagadhatri we can attain all the prosperity in our life, and our sins will be washed out and we will become holy persons. She will cleanse our mind and body and helps in recovering from diseases and gives mental satisfaction. We can recite her names and slokas and conduct puja and decorate her with flowers by keeping her laminated photo in our home. We can do it mainly on Fridays in order to get better prospects in our life.

If possible, let us try to visit the mela at Odisha during the Dussehra festival, and can seek the divine mother’s blessings. We will be delighted with much enjoyment by attending the festival. We are usually spending lot of money and going for picnics with our family on long tour for getting ourselves entertained.Similar to that, we can once visit the mela and get ourselves cheered after getting the divine feeling in our mind and body.

Let us praise Mata Jagadhatri’s glory and sing in praise of her.


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