Meena Masam 2020 | Meenam month in Malayalam Calendar or Kolla Varsham

Meena Masam or Meenam month is the 8th month in the traditional Malayalam Calendar or Kollavarsham followed in Kerala. In 2020, Meena Masam starts on March 14 and ends on April 13. Meenam Masam corresponds with Panguni month in Tamil Calendar, Phalguna and Chaitra month in other Hindu calendars, and March – April in Gregorian […]

Meenam Month 2011 begins in Kerala

Meenam month or Meena masam is the 8th month in Malayalam calendar followed in Kerala. Meenam month 2011 begins on 15 March 2011 (today) and ends on 13 April. Meena Sankranti marks the beginning of Meena masam. This month marks the end of astrological Malayalam year. The actual Malayalam Year begins with Chingam 1. Meenam […]