Meena Lagna, Pisces Ascendant (Meena Rising Sign)

Meena Lagna (Pisces Ascendant) or Meena Rising sign is the twelfth Lagna in 12 Lagnas of Hindu Astrology. Here, we discuss physical characteristics, mental characteristics and behavior of Meena Lagna natives..

Physical Characteristics

They are generally short in stature but they are very strong with short hands and feet. They have wide eyes.

Mental Characteristics

Meena Lagna natives are honest, humane and helpful. They are by nature philosophical, restless full of imagination and fond of romantic life.


The natives of Meena Lagna always have ‘forget and forgive’ spirit. They compose poetry. They never waste time.

Pisces Ascendant people cannot lead the life in peace. They are helpful. They are very happy when they spend money to help others and as charitable causes.

Meena Lagna natives are not steady. They may easily change from one profession to another. They can be good occultists. They can succeed in import and export business. They are in general happy. They like peaceful like.

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