Mayayuktavadhoota Avatara of Dattatreya

Dattatreya 11 no-watermark

Dattatreya 11 no-watermark

Mayayuktavadhoota Avatara is eleventh of Dattatreya’s 16 incarnations. Shri Datta’s eleventh Avatara was first appeared on Jyeshta Shuddha Trayodashi, Friday, mid-day in Swati Nakshatra at sunrise.

This Avatar appeared in a young meditating pose, having a beautiful young woman on his left lap. Knowing them as Lakshmi-Narayan, all narrated their family shortcomings; but none showed a liking for the spiritual matters.

Shri Datta began to sing and dance with the young woman. People thought that Shri Datta was playing with Maya and they did not leave him. Shri Datta then brought forward flesh, wine and similar unpious articles and said, “I am enjoying all these things, so I have no power and ability to fulfil your desires.” Hearing this, many persons forsook him and only few remained there. Shri Datta then told them, “Faith, devotion, meditation, practising rules of sam, dam and by conquering the desires the human beings can get rid of the family bondages.”

Then Mayayuktavadhoot roamed in the region from the south of Narmada to the Mahur hills.

The Gods, harassed by Jambasur, Kartavirya – Sahasrarjun and Parashuram met Shri Datta in this region. Shri Datta advised, ‘Tripura Rahasya’ to Parashuram in order to get rid of the effects of his sins of wars against the kshatriyas and to attain the peace of mind.

Mayayuktavadhoota Dhyana Shloka

Swamaaya Guna Gupthaaya

Mukthaaya Paramaathmane

Sarvathraa Agnaana Naashaaya

Devadevaayathe Namaha

Mayayuktavadhoota Arghya Mantras

Swamaayaguna Guptaaya, Muktaaya Paramaathmane, Sarvatraa Agnaana Naashaaya, Karmanaargyam Dadaamyaham

Kaayena yatkrutam tatsarvam shree guru dattatreyaarpanamasthu

Maayaasthaana Vinaashaaya Maayaa Yukthaaya Daatmane, Bhaktaarishta Vinaashaaya, Karmanaargyam Dadaamyaham

Vachasaa yatkrutam tatsarvam shree guru dattatreyaarpanamasthu

Yogaarishta Vinaashaaya, Deva Deveswaraayacha, Jambha Darpa Vinaashaaya, Karmanaargyam Dadaamyaham

Manasaa yatkrutam tatsarvam shree guru dattatreyaarpanamasthu

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