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Yogijana Vallabha – 5th Dattavatara

Dattatreya 5 no-watermark

Dattatreya 5 no-watermark

Yogijana Vallabha Avatara is fifth of Dattatreya’s 16 incarnations. This Avatara first appeared on Margashira Purnima, Thursday (Guruvar), Mrigashira Nakshatra, in the evening time.

When Shri Dattatreya appeared at Anasuya’s ashram, Indra followed by the Gods, Rishi-munis, Gandharvas, Charanas, Yogis and saints came to see him. Knowing their eagerness, Shri Datta appeared as a boy and advised them about yoga. He said, “I have no body, no time. I am devoid of birth and death. I take various forms to bless the devotees. Though these acts are transitory this does not affect my tatvic state.”

This Avatar is known for the propagation of yogapath and for removing the obstacles coming in the way and blessing the followers of yoga. This Avatar is, therefore, known as ‘Yogijan Vallabha’.

Yogijana Vallabha Dhyana Shloka

Yoga Vijjana Naadhaaya B

Bhakthaananda Karaayacha

Dattatreyaaya Devaaya

Tejo Roopayathe Namaha

Yogijana Vallabha Arghya Mantras

Yogaarishta Vinaashaaya, Anasuyaanandanaayacha, Dattatreya Devaaya,  Karmanaargyam Dadaamyaham

Kaayena yatkrutam tatsarvam shree guru dattatreyaarpanamasthu

Yoga Vignaana Naadhaaa, Bhaktaananda Karaayacha, Dattatreya Devaaya, Karmanaargyam Dadaamyaham

Vachasaa yatkrutam tatsarvam shree guru dattatreyaarpanamasthu

Vishweswaraaya Siddhaaya, Viswaroopa Dharaayacha, Prithvi Tatwa Nivaasaaya, Karmanaargyam Dadaamyaham

Manasaa yatkrutam tatsarvam shree guru dattatreyaarpanamasthu

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