Masoba | Guardian Deity Form of Lord Shiva



Masoba is one of the village deities worshiped by the people of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Masoba is considered to be the God of Ghosts, Demons and Spirits and his temples are generally found near the burial grounds, and he is said to be an incarnation of Lord Ishana, a form of Lord Shiva.It is also believed that he is worshipped by the people since the beginning of the Kali Yuga, in a different name.

People belonging to different communities worship Masoba and would sacrifice goats. Masoba is considered as the guardian deity of the villagers, and protects them from evil spirits, black magic, enemies, evil eye and from evil thoughts. Mainly people belonging to lower class used to worship Masoba, and annual Yatra would be held in the villages by carrying the deity of Masoba in a palanquin.

Masoba relieves us from mental illness, mental instability, poor memory, and he also reduces our bad karmas and would make us to concentrate our attention on spiritual path, and gives goodness to us.

Let us worship Lord Masoba and be blessed.

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