Mars in 3rd House – Positive & Negative Effects

Mars in 3rd house – Positive & Negative Effects.. What are the effects of Kuja (Mangal) in 3rd house?

When Mars is in 3rd house he will be useful to others but not to himself. He will be deceived by someone whom he trusts.

When Moon, Sun is in House No. 9, 11 Mars will always be positive and on the contrary if Jupiter or Mercury occupies that place Mars will become negative.

When Saturn is benefic it will give plenty of property to the native and if the person is of modest nature it will bring prosperity and can even stop death. If the person is of aggressive nature it will cause him losses and unhappiness.

When Mercury is in House No. 3 and Jupiter is in House No. 11 he will lead a pious life.

Positive effects of Mars in 3rd houseĀ 

When Mars is benefic he will be intelligent, learned, kindhearted and blessed with the long life of 90 years. When the person owns a house which is broader at the front than back, it will bring him good luck. His in-laws will be wealthy or will become wealthy due to his support and he will gain from them.

When Jupiter, Sun or Moon is in House No. 7, 9 or 11 Rahu will be favourable and he will lead a happy domestic life.

When Jupiter is in House No. 9 he will gain through his wealthy in-laws.

When Saturn is in House No. 9 he will have a good health and will be blessed with wealth and prosperity.

Negative effects of Mars in 3rd house

Even though he will be blessed with a long life he will be unlucky and diseased. If the person is not of humble nature he will lead a miserable life. It is difficult for him to have a male child and even in case he has a son he will not be favourable to the native.

When Jupiter is in House No. 11 it will cause the death of relatives but the native will lead a comfortable life.

When Jupiter or Sun or Moon is in House No. 7, 9, 11 there will be evil results of Mars and misery all around.

When Mercury or Saturn is in House No. 3, 9 or 11 he will have trouble with finances.

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