Mantralayam Moola Rama Puja

raghavendra swamy

raghavendra swamy

Among the various types of idols, Moola Rama idol is considered as the most precious idol, and this idol is worshipped in Mantralayam Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, for the performance of puja and abhishekam.

Moola Rama idol was carved by Lord Viswakarma during the Treta Yuga, before the birth of Lord Rama. This idol was worshipped by Lord Brahma, Rishi Jabali, Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati, Daksha Bhagavan and by the ancestors of Lord Rama.

This idol looks very beautiful, and since it is touched by the divine gods, it contains great sanctity and by watching the divine idol during the time of puja and abhishekam would give good fortunes to us, and we would be blessed with good health and wealth. Madhwa saints worshipped this holy idol, and it is believed that still Guru Raghavendra is daily performing puja and abhishekam to this holy idol during the early morning time.

The great saint Kanakadasa, disciple of Madhwa Saint Sri Vyasaraja, had again born in a lower caste in his next birth also, and he met Guru Raghavendra. Guru Raghavendra, who was born as Sri Vyasaraja in his previous birth, had accepted mustard seeds from him, and added it in that day’s meal. After eating the holy Prasad, the Harijan devotee had attained salvation at that place. Likewise it is believed that if we watch the Moolarama puja at Mantralayam and take our lunch at the Mantralayam Temple, we would get great Punya, and based on our karmic deeds, after our death, we may get an opportunity to live in the heaven.

Our life contains full of miseries and sorrows. At any time anything may happen to us, and our life is not a bed of rose flowers. And in our path also, we can find lot of thorns. Getting peace of mind is not easy. A rich man can buy anything at any cost. He can buy a big house, car, luxury items, but at any cost he cannot get peace of mind. Only by way of concentrating our attention on spiritual activities and by helping others, and worshipping the holy divine gurus and the almighty, we would get permanent peace of mind, and our life would blossom like a lotus flower.


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