Make an ongoing effort to stop your mind from wandering

Many times we are doing one thing, yet preoccupied with a dozen others. We’re distracted by our own thoughts, concerns, and worries.

When you have a strong presence you are completely absorbed in the moment and the people you are with sense that you are truly “right there” with them, fully present. Your mind isn’t drifting somewhere else. Instead, you are focused on what’s going on and you are truly listening to what is being said. All of your energy is focused on the person who is talking to you.

When you have presence with others, they are drawn to you. They relax around you and become undefensive. They enjoy your company and feel your sincerity; they feel important when they are with you.

The way to strengthen your presence is to understand its value. Make an ongoing effort to stop your mind from wandering. When you are with someone, be with them. When your mind wanders, gently bring it back. When you are doing something, don’t be thinking about something else.

Try to have more presence, see it as a worthwhile goal, and it will appear in your life. Once you experience its value – and feel the effects – there will be no turning back. You’ll be hooked.

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