Makara Jyothi Manikantha

Lord Ayyappa Sabarimala Temple

Lord Ayyappa Sabarimala Temple

Lord Ayyappa is also called as Makara Jyothi Manikantha, since he used to appear in the form of a bright divine star which would appear in the sky mostly on 14th January of every year at Sabarimala, and large number of Ayyappa devotees would have the darshan of this holy star.

As per legend, it is believed that Lord Ayyappan himself took the form of Makara Jyothi, in order to bless his devotees, and it is believed that before entering into the Sabarimala Shrine, Lord Ayyappa himself had said to the devotees, that he would appear on the skies as a precious sparkling star, once in a year during the start of the Tamil month Thai, and from that year onwards, he appears in the form of the shining star, and his divine vision would be seen only by his sincere devotees, and those who do not have faith with Lord Ayyappa would not be able to see him in the form of a star.

Every year, lot of devotees would observe fasting for 41 days to visit the holy Sabarimala Temple. Large number of devotees would visit Lord Ayyappa during November and December months in order to avoid heavy rush during Makara Jyothi. However, still lot of people are visiting Sabarimala during 14th January of every year, in order to witness the holy star on their eyes. Few years back, lot of people were injured due to a stampede on the Makara Jyothi festival day.

Sri Ayyappa Kavacham contains beautiful songs of Lord Ayyappa. Whenever we go outside, we should keep a copy of the book Sri Ayyappa Kavacham with us, since it act as a protective shield for us. If this golden Armour (Kavacham) of Lord Ayyappa, is recited daily, all of our problems would get solved, and our bad karma would get destroyed, and whatever we pray, we would get it through the grace of Lord Ayyappa.

Let us recite the following beautiful verses of Sri Ayyappa Kavacham. We would praise and salute, Lord Ayyappa, on a daily basis, who is the handsome son of Lord Shiva and Vishnu , by reciting the word Ayyappa, we would get abundant happiness, and our mind would also be in a peaceful state.

For protecting all of your wonderful creations in the earth, Oh God with a beautiful pearl studded gem contains on your neck, come, come, Son of Lord Vishnu and Shiva , come, come, Brother of Lord Ganesa and Muruga, come, come, come soon. Oh beautiful God Ayyappa who bravely rides on a tiger, come, come, Come, come, please come to protect all the living beings in the earth, Oh Consort of Ma Poorna and Pushkala, come, come,
Oh the god of noble deeds, come, come. Oh merciful Lord of the Ghost Attendants come, come, Oh god who lives in the beautiful precious golden temple come, come,
Come , come to protect your devotees with love and affection.

Oh Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa, Come, come son of lord Vishnu, Oh the remarkable Mani Kanda, come, come, Come, come to remove the sins and diseases of your devotees.

Oh Annadana Prabhuve, Swamy Ayyappa please come, to remove our miseries, sorrows and fear from our mind, Oh, Our dear Friend Ayyappa Swamiye please come, in order to remove our bad Karmas, Come to rule over the entire world, Oh son of the precious gods, Please come, please come immediately, to make necessary changes in the earth.

Oh the Lord of beautiful temple containing eighteen steps, please destroy the sins committed by us in our past and present births, and make us to permanently surrender at your lotus feet, Oh our Dear God Ayyappa.

Oh, the wonderful Lord of Sabari Hills, we are getting great joy and peace in our mind, whenever we think about you, I surrender, I surrender, and let me take shelter at your holy feet.

Oh, the Lord of River Pamba, whenever we recite your marvellous names, then, immediately all our enemies would become our friends, Whenever we meditates you, even the dreaded animal tiger would become soft and gentle.

Oh Swamiye Saranam, I Surrender, I surrender, Oh Ayyappa, I surrender, I surrender, I don’t know any other way, except to surrender before you, Oh Lord of beautiful forest.

Let Lord Ayyappa, who is the son of Shiva protect my head,
Let Lord Ayyappa, who is the son of Lord Vishnu protect my forehead,
Let Lord Ayyappa, who is the brother of Ganesa protect my eyes,
Let Lord Ayyappa protect my nose.
Let the beautiful god, Sri Dharma Shasta protect my two ears,
Let the close friend of Vaavar protect my mouth,
Let the Lord of River Pamba protect my teeth,
Let the great Manikanda protect my tongue.

Let the Lord of Sabari Mala protects my neck, let the brother of Muruga protect my throat,
Let the loving consort of Poorna and Pushkala protect my arms,
Let the son of Lord Shiva protect my forearm.
Let the powerful Shiva Kumara protect my fingers,
Let the son of Mount Kailash protect my hands,
Let the son of Ma Shakti Devi protect my chest,
Let the Lord of the entire universe protect my entire body.

Protect, Protect, please protect me always from my enemies and show me the light of wisdom. Save us from Dreaded snake poisons, from diseases, and from the clutches of the evil spirits.

Oh God of Mountains let us think only about you, let us praise only about you, let us involve in full of spiritual thoughts on you only.

Please give me good health with sufficient wealth and a sound mind
and give me all kinds of prosperity in this earth.

Oh Lord Ayyappa, please remove the bad habits like lust, anger and greed and make us into pure and pious.

Salutations to son of Shiva and Shankara and to my ever loving friend,
Salutations to Sri Dharma Shastha and the Lord of Sabari mountain,
Salutations to the divine one living on eighteen steps,
Salutations to the brother of five armed Lord Vinayaka.
Salutations to the divine God of the wonderful temple,
Salutations to the divine God who brought milk of tiger,
Salutations to the pretty one who has elephant as a powerful weapon,
Salutations to Manikanda who has killed Mahishi.
I surrender, surrender before the lord of Sabari hills,
I surrender, surrender before the great God.


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