Ayyappa Bhakti Songs

Ayyappa Bhakti songs are very popular among Ayyappan Devotees, and especially these songs would be played during the Tamil Month Karthigai Masam, in the temple music players. Devotees used to cheerfully sing these songs at the time of travelling to the Ayyappa Temple, which is located at Kerala. Some of the verses from the Holy […]

Dwarapalakas of Ayyappa – Ayyanar & Karuppasamy

Ayyappa Swamy

Lord Ayyanar and Lord Karuppasamy serves as the Dwarapalakas of Lord Ayyappa, in the Sabarimala Shrine at Kerala. When Lord Dharmashasta decides to incarnate as Lord Ayyappa, two of his divine attendants were also interested to serve him in his Ayyappa Avatar. As per their wishes, Lord Ayyappa made them as guardian deities at his […]

Ayyappa Swamy is our Best Swamy

Lord Ayyappa Sabarimala

Ayyappa Swamy is our best Swamy, since we are offering special pujas to him during the Tamil months of Karthigai, Margazhi and Thai Months, and Mandala Puja also takes place during that period. Unlike visiting other temples, we cannot easily visit the Shrine of Lord Ayyappa which is situated in Sabarimala at Kerala. Those who […]

Sri Ayyappa Swamy Temple, Srikakulam Town (Balaga)

Sri Ayyappa Swamy Temple is located at Srikakulam Town (Balaga), Srikakulam Municipality Mandal in Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh. This Temple is dedicated to Ayyappa Swamy. Address: Sri Ayyappa Swamy Temple, Srikakulam Town (Balaga), Srikakulam Municipality Mandal, Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh, India, Pin Code : N/A Phone Number : N/A Fax : N/A Email : N/A […]