King Mahabhisha | Story of Shantanu’s Previous birth

Mahabhisha was a famous king of the Ikshvaku dynasty. After his death, he went to the Indra Loka, and on one occasion, when all the divine gods, demigods and goddesses are gathered at the court of Lord Indra, Mahabhisha was attracted with the divine beauty of Mata Ganga and deeply looked on her, and due to that, he was cursed by Lord Brahma to be born in the earth as King Shantanu, and would marry Ganga, and have a famous son Devaratha, who was known as Bhishma. These details are mentioned in the great epic Mahabharata.

Mahabhisha was a famous Ishvaku king, and he treated all of his people as alike, and gave a golden rule. He looked very healthy and contains a charming face. He was the worshipper of Lord Vishnu, and due to his good karma, he had attained a proper position in the heaven. But unluckily, he had again take birth in the earth as Shantanu, and married Mata Ganga and lived with her for a few years.

And after the end of his life, he again went to the abode of Lord Indra Bhagavan, and it is believed that he still resides in the Indra Loka, by enjoying all types of pleasures.


1. Fight like a fierce tiger with your enemies, and be like a small cat before your parents.

2. Victory can be attained only by sincerity, honesty and ability.

3. Chant the Narayana Mantra and surrender yourself to Lord Narayana.

4. Always be in the company of wise and able persons, and think several times before doing a job.

5. A brave man would never worry about his death.

6. Always don’t underestimate your enemies, since sometimes things may become worse for you.

7. A king must behave with his people in a soft and gentle manner, and must provide all types of facilities to them.

Let us worship the noble king and be blessed.


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