Maha Shivaratri, a day of deliverance

Maha sivaratri is a day of deliverance to every one, as Lord Siva sheds His grace one every one who when accidentally or unintentionally listens to his “Sankirthan” (extolling his glory). Contemplation on this fountain of grace on one of the Holy Trinity in the Hindu Pantheon, is fruitful as the worshipper will enjoy longevity, success and prosperity in all fields without let or hindrance.

One who true, courageous, pure and who reposes faith in the majesty of Lord Siva will receive inspiration and get released from worldly bondage . His worship will transform the mind and make people spiritually alert and attain fineness with him on this night, the thoughts undergo alchemy, identifying themselves with the Cosmic Sou.

Lord Siva resides in the heart of men of piety and purity. He does not make any distinction between persons and does not carry any prejudice. Lord Shiva gulped the poison that emanated while the ocean of milk was churned by devas and asuras and is hence called “Neelakanta”. Anyone who facts on the day when he consumed the poison (Sivaratri) and keeps awake all night meditating on the Lord will secure His blessings.

In a discourse Sri Pandrimalai Swamigal related an instance of a sinner on Sivaratri happened to listen to a dissertation on Lord Siva throughout the night and was re-born as a ruler and still later as Veerabhadra. Similarly, a hunter who was chased by a wild animal, perchesed himself on a tree.

During his vigil in the night, he plucked few leaves and threw them down, not knowing that they were from a Bilwa tree and that they fell on a Siva lingam below. It was sivaratri and his wife at home was also anxiously awaiting his return. For their sacrifice, they were richly rewarded.

Maha Shivaratri Puja Vidhi Video

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