Madhava Temple, Niali, Cuttack

Madhava Temple is situated in a village known as Niali in Cuttack in Orissa. The main deity of this shrine is Lord Shiva.  These structures are buildings as per the Pancharatha design.  These structures were recently renovated by Archaeological survey of India. The shrine complex consist of three buildings, they are Vimana, Jagamohana and Natamandapa.

It is to be noted that the Natamandapa is flat roofed, Jagamohana is of Pidha deula and Vimana is of Rekha Deula.

It is also to be noted that in the Jagamohana a rare image of Durga is found in this particular temple. It is to be noted that the Goddess is worshipped as the sister of Madhava.

As per the local legends and historians, the shrine was built by Eastern Ganga dynasty and belongs to 13th Century AD.

The Lord is seen with the upper left arm holds Gada, upper right full blown Lotus, lower left Sudarshana Chakra and lower right Conch. The central icon of this temple, Madhava is a rare image.

As per the Etymology of The name Maadhava, “The Sanskrit bhashya of Vishnu Sahasranama by Adi Shankara says that Paramatma is the owner of Maaya or illusion.And later explanation by Sri Vaishnava scholars say Lakshmi is called Maaya and his husband is Vishnu, so he is Maadhava.”

There are regular bus service to this shrine from Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. The important festivals of this shrine are Shivarathri day, Janmashtami, all the days of Ekadashi and special festivals in Maagha and Vaishakha month are largely observed with festivity.

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