Madapalli | Temple Kitchens

Madapalli means the kitchen present in the temples, and Madapalli in Perumal Temples are considered as very famous, and the prasadam prepared by the temple cooks like curd rice and tamarind rice would be very delicious, and most of the Hindu devotees would prefer to eat the “PERUMAL KOIL PULIYODARAI”, during Margazhi Month.

The word Madapalli would be pronounced mostly by the Iyengar Brahmins, and they would regularly visit the temples of Lord Vishnu during Saturdays, and would taste the Prasad items after offering it to the almighty. During the period of Sri Ramanujacharya, lot of Prasad items would be prepared in the Madapalli of Sri Ranganathaswamy temple, Srirangam, and it would be served hot to all the devotees, irrespective of their caste, creed and community.

Parthasarathy Temple situated at Triplicane, Chennai is also famous for preparing delicious Prasad items, like Curd rice, Tamarind rice and snacks like Murukku and Adirasam.

Few years ago, a software professional resigned his job, and joined as a cook in the Madapalli of Srirangam, and he has done so, in order to get peace by mind, by serving to the god. He belonged to a traditional Iyengar family, and he and his father were well versed in Hindu Holy texts, and from his young age itself, he showed sincere bhakti on Lord Vishnu, and used to frequently visit the temples of Lord Vishnu.

From the above incident, we can understand that working in a temple is different from working in a business organisation. But only few people like Narasimhan would come forward to join in the spiritual field, by leaving their well-paid jobs. According to me, residing near the place of the god, would give permanent peace of mind, and unwanted and suicidal thoughts would never enter in our mind.

“Madapalli is a sacred place but serving in the holy temple kitchens is not an easy job.The temple cooks must apply the holy marks in their forehead, and must compulsorily wear a dhoti, since this kind of tradition is followed since several centuries.

Narasimhan, before cooking in the Madapalli used to clean the temple sacred well, and he uses only organic vegetables and ancient pots for cooking purpose.

During the time of preparation of Temple Prasad items, Narasimhan would recite divine songs on Lord Vishnu, in order to finish the cooking job in a fast manner.


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