Maasi Mandala Festival in Madurai Meenakshi Temple

Maasi Mandala Festival is a 48-day celebration at Madurai Meenakshi Temple which is held in Maasi Masam in Tamil calendar. Certain number of days in Maasi Mandalam festival are dedicated to each prominent God.

In Maasi Mandalam festival, six days are dedicated to Arulmighu Vinayaka and six days for Arulmighu Kumara (Murugan) and three days for the the triumvirate and six days for Lord Chandrasekarar.

Panchamurthy festival is celebrated for ten days. During this festival, deities are taken out in procession along with Chitra streets. The deities are taken out through the second corridor of Swamy Sannidhi. Theertham is held on Maasi Maham day.

Silent (Mauna) festival is celebrated for nine days. During this, three days each are dedicated to Lord Chandrasekarar and Swamy Chandikeswarar. On the tenth day of this festival, the Dhvajavarohana (Flag lowering) is performed and accounts are read.

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