Lunar Eclipse Today, 15 June 2011, Chandra Grahan

Today, 15 June 2011, is Total Lunar Eclipse or Purna Chandra Grahan. The Lunar Eclipse will be visible all over the world except North America – USA, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, Greenland, Caribbean countries, and Central American countries. This eclipse will be visible from all Asian countries (India, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, etc) and Middle East countries, all African countries, Eastern South America countries (Brazil, Argentina, and Chile), Australia and New Zealand, and European countries (UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, Netherlands, etc.).

This is the one of the longest lunar eclipses in this century. It lasts for more than an hour. And it is darkest lunar eclipse of this century.

As per the Universal Time, the lunar eclipse of June 15, 2011:

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Begins:  17:24:34 UT

Partial Lunar Eclipse Begins:    18:22:56 UT

Total Lunar Eclipse Begins:      19:22:30 UT

Greatest Lunar Eclipse:          20:12:37 UT

Total Lunar Eclipse Ends:        21:02:42 UT

Partial Lunar Eclipse Ends:      22:02:15 UT

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse Ends:    23:00:45 UT

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