Chandra Grahan, 28 November 2012: Lunar Eclipse

Today, 28 November 2012 is Chandra Grahan, Lunar Eclipse. This Chandra Grahanam occurs in Rohini Nakshatra, Vrishabha Rashi and as Kethu Grastha.

This Chandra Grahan is Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, Prachchaya Chandra Grahan, visible in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia and all other Asian countries, USA, Canada, and most of the parts of North America, UK, Germany, France and all European countries, UAE, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and all other Middle East Gulf countries, Australia and New Zealand.

The eclipse will not be visible in South America and West African countries.

As this is the Prachchaya Chandra Grahan (Penumbral Lunar Eclipse), most of the Hindu calendars excluded this Grahan and marked it as unimportant.

Chandra Grahan November 28, 2012 Timings as per UTC

Penumbral eclipse begins at 12.14 hrs

Greatest eclipse at 14.32 hrs

Penumbral eclipse ends at 16.51 hrs

Chandra Grahan November 2012 Time in India (Indian Standard Time)

Prachchaya Chandra Grahan begins at 5.45 PM (Grahan Sparsha Kaal)

Grahan Madhya Kaal (Greatest Eclipse) at 8.03 PM

Grahan antya kaal (Penumbral eclipse ends) at 10.22 PM

Total duration of this penumbral lunar eclipse is 276 minutes (4 hours and 36 minutes)..

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