Lunar Eclipse June 2011 – Chandra Grahan on 15 June 2011

Lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan on 15 June 2011 will be a total lunar eclipse or sampurna Chandragrahan. This is the first among the two total lunar eclipses of 2011. Chandra Grahan of June 15, 2011, will be visible in India, South America, Australia, Western and Central Asia, Africa, and Europe.

The partial lunar eclipse of 15 June 2011, will occur for more than 5 hrs and 30 minutes and the total lunar eclipse will occur for over 1 hr and 41 minutes. The greatest lunar eclipse takes place at 20:12 UTC (Universal Time).

For the details of Indian timings and in which cities and states of India the Chandra Grahan of 15 June 2011 will be visible, please read this article. Get the astrology or Rashi predictions for Chandra Grahan June 15, 2011 – For which Rasi it is best and for which Rashi it is bad.

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  1. Sri says:

    Could you please tell me the grahana timings in South America.

  2. Rahul says:

    What is da time of chandragrahan in delhi,.. How abt it 4 pisces rashi