Lunar Eclipse in Ohio on 23 March 2016: Time of Chandra Grahan in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus

A Total Lunar Eclipse, Purna Chandra Grahanam will take place on 23 March 2016 which will be visible in Ohio and all over the USA.

This eclipse will take place on Falgun Purnima (Holi Festival), Full Moon day in Phalgun Month as per Hindu calendar.

Here are the timings of Lunar Eclipse on 23 March 2016 in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and other parts of Ohio state in USA

Penumbral Eclipse begins at – 4.39 AM on 23 March 2016 (Grahan Sparsha Kaal) – Visible

Mid Eclipse (Greatest Eclipse) at – 6.47 AM (Grahan Madhya kaal) – Not Visible

Penumbral eclipse ends at – 8.55 AM on 23 March (Grahan Antya kaal) – Not Visible

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