Lord Shiva Temples in Kannur, Kerala

In the heart of Kannur is located the Chovva Sree Siva Temple in Mele Chovva; it is just 3 km. south of Kannur on the side of NH-17. Thayyil Sree Siva Temple is also situated at a distance of about 3 km. southwest of Kannur at Thayyil bus stop. Other temples of this area are Thodeekkulam Siva Temple and Peringalai Shiva temple.

In the town of Katannappalli are located Thrikkuttyeri Sree Kailaasanatha Temple is situated at Kaithapram, near Maathamangalam; it is nearly 6 km. north of Kaithapram on Maniyara road and 13 km. northeast of Payyanoor. Vellaalath Sree Siva Temple is located at Mantoor; it is 2 km. from Alakkyam (bridge) and 12 km. northeast of Payyanoor and Maheswarapuram Sree Siva Temple is located at Vilayaamkot, near Mantoor; it is just 10 km northeast of Payyanoor or 2 km and east of Vilayaamkot.

In the town of Cheruthaazham are located Baalagokarnam Sree Siva (Ardhanaareeswarar) Temple is situated at Puraccheri, Ezhilot; it is nearly 4 km. from Ezhilot (on NH-17) and 7 km southeast of Payyanoor. Vilayaamkot Sree Siva (Uma Maheswara) Temple is situated at a distance of nearly 1 km. east of Pilaathara and 6 km. southeast of Payyanoor and Kunnin Mathilakam Sree Siva Temple is located at Mantoor; it is about r half km. south of Kovval and 7 km southwest of Payyanoor.

Other popular temples are Kowwal – Vaidyanatha Easwarakottom, Kunjimangalam – Thrppanikkara Sree Siva Temple; and Maataayi – Thiruvarkaat Sree Siva Temple (Maataayi kaav). These temples are specially visited by devotees on the eve of Shivarathri.

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