Lord Krishna’s Song by Dr Rajaji

There is a famous song composed by Dr.Rajaji, who was a great scholar, freedom fighter and the ex-Governor general of India. He was also interested in spirituality, and being born as a Brahmin, he has participated in lot of spiritual activities apart from political affairs. Out of his various works, his famous song,”KuraiOndrumIllaiKanna”, is considered as a very famous song, and it would be usually sung by the Carnatic Musicians in most of the Carnatic music concerts.

Since this song was sung by the famous singer, Ma M.S.Subbulakshmi, it had received a good applause from the people, and still now this song is considered as one of the best songs of Lord Krishna. This song would also be played in the music players, during the time of Tamil month of Margazhi in most of the Vishnu and Krishna Temples of Tamil Nadu.

The contents present in this beautiful song are as follows:-

I don’t have any complaints about you, my Lord Krishna, and I find entire satisfaction in my life, since I believe that your presence is always there.

You are the Lord of the universe, and I have been granted sufficient wealth and having good health with your blessings, and I don’t find any complaint with you, since you are providing all the necessities to us abundantly.

You are my light, and you are giving brightness to the entire world through your powerful radiance. You are relieving my thirst and hunger, and I am safe in your hands, you are the Lord who wears precious gems, and you are the owner of the Seven Hills, Those who knows fully about you, only can enjoy the divine bliss from you, Oh my Lord, in your company, I am not finding any dissatisfaction.

Oh My Lord Krishna, you are the giver of the Boons and the fulfiller of wishes of your devotees. I have no complaints about you, my dear Govinda! Oh my dear Govinda! Though we cannot see you in our naked eyes, yet I didn’t find any discomfort in leading my life, since I always keep reciting your beautiful names.

Oh my Lord Venkateswara, by having your darshan, your devotees attain the purpose of their birth, and they cherish your holy lotus feet, and their mouth always utters the word, “GOVINDA”, “GOVINDA”.

My Lord, though you show your divine vision only to your true devotees, I don’t worry about it, since I feel that you are always present in my soul.

Oh My Lord, though you have been called by various names like Govinda, Achutha, Malaiyappa, Manivanna, Madhava and Mukunda, but my mouth would continuously utter your marvellous name “KRISHNA”.

Oh My Lord, you are the father and mother to everyone, and those who sanctifies you by the way of worshipping you sincerely, would never find any difficulty in leading their life.

Oh My Lord, I say again and again, that I don’t have any worries in my life, since I keep on thinking about you, you and you only, and apart from you, I don’t want to think about anything else.

Let us regularly recite this beautiful song of Lord Krishna, and let us be blessed.


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