Loksabha Elections 2014 Astrology Predictions, Which Party will form government?

Loksabha Elections 2014 Astrology Predictions, Which Party will form government? NDA will get majority in Loksabha seats? How many seats NDA manages to get?

Prediction by astrologer cum numerologist of Chennai Mr. K. V. Gopalkrishnan…who is known for predicting election results…every year……. Lok Sabha 2014 Mr. K. V. Gopalkrishnan has announced his astonishing predictions and declared that BJP nominated Narendra Modi will be the next Prime Minister of India.

K V Gopalkrishnan’s predictions

1. BJP and NDA will get 286 seats and Congress / UPA will get less than 100 seats

2. This will be the worst show by the Congress party in the history of India

3. The Congress party will get only 63 seats 

4. Two stalwarts will lose the elections 

5. Mamata Bannerji, Jaylalilthaa and Navin Patnaik will support Narendra Modi

6. Modi effect will rule the Share market and Sensex will reach to 25000 after 13th June

7. Commodity market will crash and the prices of food and real estate will go down

8. The prices of gold, silver and iron will go down.

9. Education sector will see great and revolutionary changes Mr. Gopalkrishnan has also suggested auspicious time for Narendra Modi.

If Narendra Modi takes oath as the Prime Minister on 25th May at 11:41 AM or on 27th May at 10:34 AM, he will rule India for 10 years and this will be a golden period of our country. 

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  1. Vasudeva Rao Maramraj says:

    Its true sir. I feel it, i.e. NDA will form the govt. and Narendra Modi the PM. Also in Telngana the TRS will form the govt. and In Andhra pradesh the old state the TDP will form the govt.

  2. Kalakata Mallikarjuna Gandla says:

    This right decision by people. Modi will become next PM

  3. Vasudeva Rao Maramraj says:

    Our Caliculation is total right. The TRS will form the govt. in Telangana and TDP in AP. as said on 7th May.