TDP to from government in Seemandhra, Astrology Predictions by Srinivasa Gargeya

TDP to from government in Seemandhra in Assembly elections 2014…Astrology Predictions by Srinivasa Gargeya, an eminent Telugu astrologer from Hyderabad.

During his, Ugadi Panchanga Sravanam on March 31, 2014 Sri Srinivasa Gargeya read the predictions on Telugu Desam Party and Seemandhra states. He also said that as per Chandrababu Naidu’s Janma Kundali planets are positioned in auspicious places.

Pandita Srinivasa Gargeya is the world’s first ever reputed vedic remedial astrologer Shri Dyvagna Ponnaluri Srinivasa Gargeya, an eminent astrologer hails from a traditional telugu brahmin family learned vedic astrology from childhood and having experience nearly of 4 decades.He has been writing suryasiddanta PANCHANG (almanac) since 20 years,which is recognized by the Government of India.

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