Swami Lokeshwarananda

Swami Lokeshwarananda (1909–1998) was a saint who belonged to the Sri Ramakrishna Mission and he was the founder of the Ramakrishna Mission Narendrapur. During his period, he has introduced new schemes for the welfare of the poor people and rendered lot of social services to the public with the money received from the rich people. He gave religious lectures in various foreign countries, and spoke about the active functioning of the Rama Krishna Mission in various places, which were formed to serve social as well as religious purpose.

Swami Lokeshwarananda was fond in all the religions, respected all types of religious people, and their sentiments, and he was a kind and a noble man, who loved every one, and considered that all the living beings must never be hated and must be treated in a proper manner.

Lokeshwarananda served as the office bearer of the Pathuriaghata branch of the Ramakrishna mission, and made it into a home for abandoned, mentally unstable, orphaned and sick poor patients. Apart from humans, he also provided food for animals and birds. During the times of famine, he took care of the starved people, and he brought the people who were living in the streets to his mission, and permanently made them to reside at his place.

He also took charge of the Ramakrishna Mission at Golpark and made proper developments. Due to his sincere efforts, the Golpark centre has become one of the most important centres of the Ramakrishna Mission. And at this centre, various languages were taught for the students, and he also helped the students to get proper employment. After serving as a sincere and a dutiful person in the Ramakrishna Mission for many years, he died in the year 1998.

Let us salute the great person, for his remarkable activities rendered during his life time.


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