Life From Your Own View

Life, as we have heard, is how we make it.

If we took time reflecting on this statement we might discover it is actually true.

People often say life is not fair, actually that’s true. Life doesn’t choose who will be rich or poor, who will be successful or not. Who does then? Actually it’s we.

It’s been discovered that some people spend most of their time speaking about negative things that happened to them or those they have found themselves in, instead of using that time to think about things that can transform their life.

For example: Someone who has not been accepted to get into university will be complaining about how unfair and corrupt the system is instead of saying “well that didn’t work, what next?”

Complaining, come to think of it, actually hibernates the creative part of our minds.
Choose today to be a solution provider to your own life and not a misfortune commentator.

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