Libra Predictions 2023 | Tula Rashi 2023 Horoscope



This year will give you mixed results as your financial and career related issues will cause some concern. However, you will be able to deal with them if you are careful about external issues. Also take good care of your health as existing diseases can get aggrevated this year. There is lot of relief with regards to family life as you will enjoy comfortable time with your family.


The initial few months of the year will be difficult period for your finances. You may have to deal with hidden enemies in your circle. Do not trust anyone blindly with regards to financial issues and always depend on your hard work and skills. However, the situation will improve to a large extent after April and you can expect good gains from new sources. Do not lose hope and work hard to overcome the difficult period.


Your family life is very peaceful throughout the year. There are high chances of many auspicious events in your family. A marriage or arrival of child will welcome new member to your family. You will spend more time with your family and go out for vacations. Avoid work related stress at home to enjoy your family life and give importance to your children.


The situation is conducive for singles to get married this year. You may have to face minor hurdles in this direction which will get resolved with patience and persistence. There is no need to worry about love marriage and other issues as you will get the support of your elders in this situation. You should always seek professional guidance in this regard and take the next step to overcome the hurdles.


There are some concerns in this area and you have to be especially careful about existing illness. The initial part of the year can show some problems and you have to be careful about your health. Take timely medication and get proper guidance from health professionals to avoid complications. You are likely to get some relief after April but the recovery may be slow and steady.


Your career will sail smoothly if you are willing to put the required hard work. Never trust others when it comes to getting the work done. Always try to have cordial relation with your team mates to avoid conflicts at work place. The second half of the year can open new opportunities for your career.

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