Let us do our duty Sincerely

In a certain province there was no rain fall for few years. People were fleeing away to other places for a livelihood. The king’s treasury was also almost got empty. It was an empty sight everywhere.

During this period Sri Narada was passing by a village. In the outskirts of the village there was a complete dry river. To his surprise Naradaji saw a peasant ploughing the dry sand there. Narada asked the man why he was working so hard in the blazing sun where there is definitely no fruit to get out of it?

The farmer told,” Sir, I am born in the family of farmers. I have no proper knowledge of anything else. I don’t know the reason why Lord Indra has forgotten his duty to shower rain for last few years. Let me not forget my duty as a farmer. Therefore I am doing my duty in this scorching heat.

Narada got the point. After his return, he narrated the incident to Indra. Now Indra could realize the issue and took the necessary steps.

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