Legend of Arbuda Devi Shakti Peeth Temple of Mount Abu, Rajasthan

There are many legends about the Arbuda Devi Shakti Peeth located near Mount Abu in Rajasthan. She is also known as Adhar Devi.

Some of the popular legends found in ancient texts are mentioned below.

When Sati immolated herself after being insulted by her father, Shiva was deeply immersed in grief and picked up the remains of Sati’s body and performed the Rudra Tandava ( the celestial dance of destruction across all creation). This created panic across the whole world and when all the Gods approached Vishnu to sort it out, he used the Sudarshan Chakra which cut through the corpse of Sati.

Then various parts of the body fell at several spots all through the Indian Subcontinent to form what we call as the Shakti Peethas.

Amongst them, in this region the “adhar” of the Goddess fell and hence this place became the home of Adhar Devi or Arbuda Devi.

Arbuda Devi is the one who is believed to give rains (Arbuda means rain). In the desert zone of Rajasthan, rain is the harbinger of life and peace. Therefore the rain goddess is held high and is worshipped everyday to obtain her blessings.

Another popular legend has it that the cow of Sage Vashishtha named Nandini got stuck into a deep gorge. The sage prayed to Lord Shiva to help him and then Shiva had the Saraswati River to flow in the region which floated the Nandini. Then the sage sought the help of the snake Arbud who helped him clear the rocky cliff. Due to his efforts the cliff was finally filled with water and the place was known as Arbudaranya.

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