Lakshmi Ganapati | The fortunate Ganesha

Lakshmi Ganapati

Lakshmi Ganapati

Lakshmi Ganapati is the twelfth form of the 32 forms of Lord Ganapati. Lord Ganesha is one of the most popular Hindu God worshipped in India and is believed to be the remover of all obstacles in the lives of his devotees.

In this form Lord Ganesha sits flanked by his consorts Siddhi and Buddhi on both of the thighs. Goddess Siddhi is responsible for achievement and Goddess Buddhi is responsible for wisdom.

Lakshmi Ganapati appears with eight hands, the main left hand posture Abhya Mudra bestows blessing to all the devotees. The other hands holds green Parrot, a Pomegranate, a sword, a noose, elephant goad, sprig of Kalpavriksha (Wish fulfilling tree) and water vessel (Kamandala). Both his consorts hold white lotus flowers and as the complexion of the lord s also white in colour.

Punarvasu Nakshatra is associated with this form of Ganesha. It is believed that worshipping this Ganesha will give wealth and wisdom to its devotees.

Lakshmi Ganapati Mantra and its translation:

Bibhranah Shukha Beejapuraka Milanamanikya
Kumbhakshushaan Paasham Kapalataam Cha Khangavilasijjyotih
Sudhaa Nirjharah Shyaamenaatta Saroruhena Sahitam Devidvyam Chantikee
Gowrango Varadaana Hasta Sahitah Lashmi Ganesha Svataata

“Ganapati the Fortunate embracing his wives Siddhi and Buddhi. He is white in colour. He has eight arms. His hands hold a pomegranate, a sword, the creeper of the votive tree, the elephant goad, the parrot, the noose, the jewel pot; his eighth hand bestows boons (varada).”

One of the famous temples for this form of Ganapati can be seen in Palani Murugan Temple in Palani, Tamil Nadu. Also the temples in Chamarajanagar and Nanjangud in Mysore have all the 32 forms of Ganesha sculptures.

Lakshmi Ganapathi Dhyana Mantra

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