Kuttichathan | Vishnu in Child form | Vishnu Maya

Kuttichathan is considered to be a form of infant Vishnu, also known as Vishnu Maya, who would appear in the form of a young boy in the Vishnu Maya Temples, and he is popularly worshipped by the people in the Malabar District of Kerala. Some devotees used to worship Lord Kuttichathan in the form of Guruvayurappan, and used to offer butter and ghee as Prasad items to him, and some of them would worship Vishnu Maya as a form of Ma Devi Durga. The other name for Vishnu Maya is Maya Mohan.

As per legend, once a king who ruled the present day Kerala began to suffer from serious health issues, which was caused by one of the enemy kings. The Kerala King was a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu and he sincerely prayed to Vishnu in order to get rid from his health ailments.

One day, Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of a small boy on the dream of the King, and asked him to construct a temple at Peringottukara in Thrissur District, Kerala. The King also constructed a beautiful temple for Vishnu, and the deity present in the temple is known to be Lord Vishnu Maya Kuttichathan, and he appears in the form of a young boy who can be seen seated on a wild buffalo.

In course of time, the king was completely relieved from his health ailments, and as an act of showing gratitude to the great Lord Vishnu, the king donated hundreds of gold coins, and also donated few acres of land to the Vishnu Maya Temple. As time passes, the temple was extended, and few more shrines were added, which adds more beauty to the temple.

Most of us believe that Kuttichathan is a form of an evil ghost. But actually it is not like that. He is a form of Lord Vishnu only, and those who worship him sincerely would attain all sorts of goodness in their lives, whereas those who criticise or hates him, would be subjected to some small punishment by Lord Kuttichathan like falling of stones during the time of eating of food, noise making by the lizards frequently, bad dreams, frequent fights with family members etc.

In most of the South Indian Households, whenever the children cause any nuisance, the mother would fondly scold their child by mentioning them as “KUTTICHATHAN”. A film was also produced during the year 1984 in Malayalam, and it was titled as “My Dear Kuttichathan” and due to the good response from the audiences, the film was subsequently dubbed in Tamil and Hindi.


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