Kurma Purana

kurmavatara of Lord Vishnu Tortoise incarnation

kurmavatara of Lord Vishnu Tortoise incarnation

The Kurma Purana is one of the eighteen sacred puranas, and it is considered as a great Vaishnavite text, and it describes the Kurma (tortoise) avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Kurma avatar was taken during the time of churning of the Milk Ocean. When Devas and Asuras wanted to get the divine nectar from the Milk Ocean, they used the divine serpent “VASUKI”, and then, Lord Vishnu took the Kurma Avatar, for helping the Devas to get the divine nectar from the ocean.

There is a famous Kurma Bhagavan Temple at Srikakulam District in Andhra Pradesh. This is one among the few temples dedicated to Lord Kurma. It is believed that by visiting and worshipping this temple, people who suffer from hunchback and nervous disorders problems would be recovered.

There are lot of devotional stories mentioned in this purana, and this also covers the places of pilgrimages such as Varanasi, Badrinath, Kedarnath and Somnath. The Kurma Purana, also mentions the greatness of Mata Shakti Devi, and her various forms are also mentioned in this text.

Famous sages like Bhrigu, Upamanyu, Vasishta and Narada, and Bhagavathas like Prahlada, Dhruva and Markandeya are also mentioned in this text. This text emphasis on focusing bhakti on god by adopting various methods like performing meditation on the almighty, chanting of divine mantras and the names of the god, attending to devotional lectures, and visiting to the temples.

According to this text, worldly illusions can be removed only by concentrating our full attention on god and also by doing good things to others, like providing food to the poor and the needy, properly taking care of our parents and moving kindly with others.

Lord Kurma would remove our bad karma and would make us to shine in this world as a bright Dhruva star. He is the one who protects us from dangers and difficulties, and would give peacefulness and happiness to us.


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