Kumari Puja at Ramakrishna Mission & Shivaji Park Bengal Club, Mumbai

This year in 2012, the Ramakrishna Mission in Khar and Shivaji Park Bengal Club have chosen the same six year old girl Bishrutaa Chakraborty to be the Devi. While the Ramakrishna Mission celebrates Kumari Puja on Ashtami, the Bengal Club will do it on Navami. Pt Bimal Banerjee will perform the puja at Shivaji Park and Brahmacharis from the Ramakrishna Mission will do it in Khar.

The Class I Bombay Scottish student is the daughter of Joy Chakraborty, director of Hinduja Hospital. The family lives at Cadell Road. The couple has taken diksha at the mission while Bishrutaa’s father is a life member of Bengal Club. The father said “I feel blessed that my daughter has been chosen for this auspicious occasion at not one but two prominent pandals. It is a great feeling for the whole family. Her grandparents are arriving from Kolkata especially to be with her. Earlier also she enacted the part of the Goddess at a family function when she was just three. She sat patiently with her hand raised in blessing for a long time.”

The kumari is dressed like a small bride wearing a red Banarasi sari, golden ornaments, sandalwood and bindi. A floral crown is placed on her head and garlands adorn her waist.

The priest places holy offerings of flowers, sandalwood, durva and kumkum before her and washes her feet before presenting the naivedya while chanting mantras. Thousands of people witness the ceremony.

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