Kukke Temple Phone numbers, Address, Contact details

Kukke Temple Phone numbers, Postal address & other contact details are given here.. Kukke Subramanya Temple is one of the famous Temples known for Aslesha Bali Pooja, Sarpadosha Nivarana Pooja and Naga Pratishta pooja.

Temple Postal Address:

Kukke Shree Subrahmanya Temple,
Subrahamanya Post, Sullia Taluk,
Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka – 574238

Contact Person & Address:

Executive Officer,
Kukke Shree Subrahamanya Temple,
Subrahamanya Post, Sullia Taluk,
Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka – 574238

Contact Numbers:

91-8257-281700 (Office)
91-8257-281423 (Office)
91-8257- 281224 (Office)
91-8257-281265 (Protocol Section)
91-8257-281300 (Sarpa Samskara Section)
91-8257-281400 (Information Center)

Fax No: 91-8257-281800

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  1. mutturaja M Pattadakall says:

    Sir, I have do pooja in shravanamass month Ashlesh Bali pooja please give me Date and amount details
    Thanking you sir,

  2. nagaraj says:

    sir, I have do to Ashlesh Bali pooja please give me
    amount details and online details pls reply

  3. N. Hemam Baradher says:

    Sir i have to do sarpa dosha pooja pls let me date avaliable and amount to be paid.

  4. Sindhu Gireesh says:

    Respected Sir. I, Sindhu Gireesh and my husband Gireesh want to perform Sarpa samskara at Kukke Subramanya. I am trying the phone numbers, but not able to reach.

  5. Sreenivas says:

    Hello sir , I have booked sarpasamskara on 31st, can I get a original copy on same date.

  6. Sahana says:

    Complete details about sarpasamskara pooja

  7. Jit says:

    I want to do sarpa samkar pooja I do the pooja online please reply to my email

  8. Aishwarya says:

    We are going to perform sarpa samskaram poja but on second day can we visit any vishnu temple?

  9. madhushree says:

    Sir, i have do ashlesha balli pooja please give me detailes on that

  10. Prahallad rao says:

    Sir i am prahallad rao from hyd.
    I have do to SARPADOSHA NIVARANA POOJA Please give me amount details and online details please reply

  11. P.BHARATHI says:

    i am booking 17 th march 2017 sarpasanskar pooja on 20.05.17 and 21.05.17 amount (3093/-)to be paid online.but you send my email address seva booking cancelled refund your payment.what reason are seva booking cacelled pls reply me.

  12. SOUJANYA S says:

    We have do pooja for Santanabhagya so please give me amount and timings details

  13. malyadri says:

    Re posting the pooja

  14. Mamatha says:

    Hello sir,
    Can we directly book for Sarpa samskara pooja by calling to contact number available here

  15. sudarshan says:

    Sir we need ashlesha bhali pooja details. Before booking or Immediate available to pooja. Please give me a feedback

  16. Ramya D R says:

    Respected Sir, please help us. We are planning to do Ashlesha Bali on 27th June 2017, please advise us if we have to do prior booking for that? Please also help us in getting contact details.
    Awaiting ur reply

  17. YOGANANDA says:

    Sir, I am Yogananda from Yelahanka new town B:luru
    I have do to RAHU & KETHU POOJA ,ASHLESHA BALI POOJA DATED 10 or 11/06/2017 Please arrange How ? Send my email

  18. G.Srinivas Rao says:

    hiiii,I have one doubt we did sarpa dosha pooja and in our home one relative were death so we can go there or not..???

  19. Nagabhushana says:

    Sir please send me one of the contact person and his mobile number I want to talk with him regarding sarpasamskara puja

  20. Sudhasree says:

    I have to do sarpa dosha pooja. Please share amount details and online details

  21. Ragul says:

    Please give me online details and amount details for sarpa dosha pooja

  22. Sudha says:

    How to do online payment and amount

  23. Sathsh K says:

    How to postpone the sarpa samskara pooja date

  24. Aswini S says:

    I have booked but date and timings not given please give the date and times. Order number KKSV261528

  25. m padma says:


  26. Leena P Teli says:

    ಸರ್ ದಯವಿಟ್ಟು ಕುಕ್ಕೆ ದೇವಸ್ಥಾನ ಇ ಮೇಲೆ ಐಡಿ ಕಳಿಸಿ

  27. Venkata Nagendra Reddy says:

    I am booking a ticket for samskara Pooja and ashlesha Bali Pooja on 01August 2022 unfortunately I am suffering from fever past 4 days the worst thing is there is no postpone Puja in this pandemic covid period my amount is vested last year my friend postpone 3 times now there is no option for postpone please arrange postpone option aur Pooja tickets please send to Karnataka government my money is wasted 3600 amount wasted thank you to provide this comment facility

  28. sowmya r says:

    i need one help

  29. vandana says:


  30. Raju PB says:

    Please give to correct phone number

  31. Sindhu Ajay says:

    Not even a single contact number is proper… All the given number doesn’t exist.. Kindly remove all the contact numbers n update one correct number please . .

  32. Vikas Jain says:

    All contacts are are not available please give active contact number

  33. Manjunath says:

    I try contacting ur contact numbers but all of our services please sent ur contact number…..we plan sarpa sanskar….. this month…

  34. Roopavathi AG says:

    Dear Sir we have to do Sarpasamkra pooja and Ashlesha pooja please send us contact details , date and timings and amount for further communication.

  35. GURURAJ D K says:

    1) Sarpa Samskara
    2) Prayashchitta Homa / Puje
    3) Gopuje and Bramhachari Homa /Pooje
    4) Ashlesha Bali Homa/Puje
    5) Nagaratishtapane.
    I have to do the above Pooja / Homa PRATYEKA / INDIVIDUAL at Sri Kukke Kshetra. Kindly guide me in this regard. I want to do the pooja on Ashlesha Star / Pushya Star day in the month of July 2023. Please do guide me suitably and provide me the necessary information.