Kujadosha hara Nageshwara Ganapati – Ganesh idol to get rid of Kuja Dosha

Kujadosha hara Ganapati idolKujadosha hara Nageshwara Ganapati idol is situated at Ranganatha Swamy Temple at Ziaguda in Hyderabad by Lions Youth Association for Ganesh Chaturthi Navratri festival 2009. Kujadosham is the most popular term in the life of women and men who are associated with late marriages. Kujadosha hara means the destroyer of Kuja dosham. Lord Ganesh who destroys ones Kuja dosham and makes the devotee free from his previous births sins is Kuja dosha hara Nageswara Ganapati idol.

Devotees who are suffering from late marriages or kuja dosha can relas themselves by the worship of Kuja dosha hara Ganesha idol. The Ganesh Navratri utsav of Kuja dosha hara Ganesh are organized by Mr. Anil Babu, Mr. Kiran, Mr. Om Prakash Goud and some other enthusiastic devotees.

It is to be noted that the original temple of Kuja Dosha Hara Nageshwara Ganapthi is situated in a village near Kolkata.

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  1. Prasad says:


    hai naveen kumar, i am a regular reader to hindupad.

    Wounderfull site to know and remind the hindu traditionals.

    i should appreciate for your updates in hindupad, this is very usefull for NRI’s like me.

    i read the latest article on kujadosha hara nageshwara ganapati-ganesh idol.

    can you let me know, is there any temple in south india?, if so give me the address please.

    appreciate your reply.


      Kujadosha hara Ganapati idol was installed in Ziaguda at Hyderabad. Hope the organisers will install the same Ganesh idol for 2010 Ganesh Chaturthi Utsavam.

  2. J NAVNEE KANTH says:

    Surprise to see with great message in hindupad website.. the kujadosahara Nageswara ganapathi idol thought by one of our lions youth organiser BABU GOUD who truely inspired from the real temple which is loacted at kalkatta.. the same idol was made by one of our own street kalakar Rammohan…. Am here sharing because am one of the orgainiser member of lions youth association…