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Lord Krishna life story

Lord Krishna life story

Lord Krishna is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, and he is called by various names such as Gopala, Mukunda, Achyuta, Ananda, and by several other names, and he is our divine saviour. He had incarnated on this earth as a form of Lord Vishnu, and he holds the divine weapons of Lord Vishnu such as the Sudarshana Chakra, Conch and the Mace at the time of his birth itself.

In Krishna avatar, he gave lot of divine teachings to us, and also protected his devotees and he is still protecting his devotees from their difficulties. He can be seen in the form of child in the Guruvayurappan Temple at Kerala.

He had married to several thousands of ladies, and had few main queens at his palace. Though he was married to a large number of women, he had never failed to express his respects to the elders, and respected the great sages like Durvasa, Uthanga and Bharadwaja.

Krishna’s relationship with Gopikas is similar to that of a mother and a child. He is the only god, who touches his true devotees, irrespective of their gender, and gives great spiritual pleasure for them. Touching a female by an ordinary man, and by a divine avatar is entire different. God is apart from physical pleasures, and Lord Krishna had united with his wives only in order to produce noble children, and he is not interested in worldly objects and personal attachments.

After getting married with Mata Jambavati, daughter of the mighty bear god Jambavan, he undertook severe penance for six months on Lord Shiva, in order to get a noble son, and due to that, he was blessed by Lord Shiva, and he had Samba, has his son, who is an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Though Krishna is the supreme god, still, he behaved like an ordinary person, and he has performed penance on Shiva, and showed his respect to others, and he didn’t get pride over his powers.

Krishna clearly stated in the Bhagavad Gita, that he doesn’t show partiality to any one, and he treats everyone as equal, and for those who are in need of his help, and worships him whole-heartedly, he would immediately make his presence before them, and will protect them. Lord Krishna is the master of the entire universe, and he had never committed even a single mistake throughout his life time of 125 years.

Lord Krishna had protected Draupadi, when she was about to lose her prestige in the court of King Dritarashtra. Similarly, he consoled the Pandavas during their period of exile. He gave his teachings in the form of Bhagavad Gita, which is a sacred book for Hindus. Simply finding fault with a noble god, would give adverse effects to the fault finders. Whenever a person gets any doubt about the divine deities, he must not blindly tease him, and instead of that, he must have to thoroughly read the Hindu Scriptures, in order to get the correct picture of the Holy deities.

Similar to the Rama Mantra, chanting the mantra, “JAI SRI KRISHNA”, or simply, “KRISHNA”, would give good results in our life, and we would get a fearless and a painless death, and in our next birth, we would be born as a healthy person, without any handicaps in our body.


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