Kripali Kund at Naina Devi Temple

Kripali Kund is an auspicious place at Naina Devi Temple. There is an interesting story associated with Kripali Kund of Naina Devi.

When Devi defeated the demon Mahishasur, she took out both his eyes and threw them on the back side of Naina Devi hills. Both eyes fell on different places where two wells originated later. Both these wells are at a distance of 2 K.M. downside from the temple.

One of these is called “Bam ki Bawri” or ‘Jheera ki Bawri” and other is “Bhubhak Bawri”.

Another legend about Kripali kund is that it was created by Lord Brahma on the site where skull of Mahishasur fell. It is also called Brahm Kripali Kund.

Story of Naina Devi Temple (History, Legend) is given here. Naina Devi Temple is located on an altitude of 1177 meters in Distt. Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh. Several religious & historical stories are associated with the establishment of the temple.

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