Ketu Transit for Kanya Rashi | 2022-2023 Ketu Peyarchi for Virgo



Ketu will move into the 2nd house of Kanya Rashi on 12 April 2022. Ketu transits into Libra (Tula Rashi) this year. It will stay in Tula Rashi till October 2023.

Astronomically, Rahu and Ketu denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and the south lunar nodes.

Ketu is an ally of Rahu and a self restrained Chhaya Graham. Ketu is the reason if you feel isolated and feel eliminated from the social world. Religious deeds are the vital remedies to get over the malefic effects of Ketu.

This Rahu Ketu transition is not so beneficial for your overall life. There may be some disputes in your family and this can affect your peace of mind. You should also be careful about financial issues as new ventures can bring you lot of difficulties in the near future. Your expenses may also go up for no valid reason this year. You need to work hard this year to attain your goals. There are some minor health issues seen in this transition period.

Kanya Rashi – Ketu Transit 2022-2023 Predictions for Health

You need to be particularly careful about your eating habits as there are concerns regarding stomach ailments. If you have existing diseases like diabetes, heart problems, blood pressure etc you have to be more careful as they can get exaggerated without proper care. Avoid eating non-vegetarian food as much as possible. Start a Yoga regime and eat healthy food to avoid health issues in this period.

Kanya Rashi – Ketu Transit 2022-2023 Predictions for Family

There are few issues concerning your spouse and this can lead to lot of complications if you are not tactful in handling the situation. Avoid harsh words during arguments as this can backfire in the near future and create more problems for your family life. Deal with things in a calm manner and get the support and blessings of elders while resolving family disputes. Stress related to financial issues can also trigger family disputes in some cases.

Kanya Rashi – Ketu Transit 2022-2023 Predictions for Marriage

Singles born in Kanya Rashi need to wait for some more period to get married as the planetary movements are not supportive for your horoscope. If you are in a committed relationship, be careful about the invovlement of third person as this can spoil your relationship with your partner. Wait for the right time to get married and consult your astrologer to fix the appropriate muhurat as per your horoscope. It is generally better to wait till 2023 to take any major decisions in this regard.

Kanya Rashi – Ketu Transit 2022-2023 Predictions for Career

Even though your career will be steady for most part of the year, you will have to deal with lot of stress at workplace. Make sure to avoid conflicts with team members as they can gain upper hand in your weak time and create lot of troubles. Keep your superiors in good books and get their support when you are dealing with a difficult task. Avoid changing jobs during the weak period and wait for the right time to move ahead in your career.

Kanya Rashi – Ketu Transit 2022-2023 Predictions for Finance

Kanya Rashi people will have lot of ups and downs this year with regards to financial issues. Even though your earnings are good for most part of the year, there will be sudden expenses that can go out of hand and create lot of mental stress. If you are not careful, this can even affect your health and family life. Be careful about investing money in new ventures this year.


  • Regularly reciting Vishnu Sahasranama will bring good fortune to your family.
  • You can also chant Durga mantra whenever you get time.
  • Donate food and clothes to needy people.

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