Ketu in 7th House | Ketu in Jaya Bhava

When Ketu is in 7th house the family life of the native will be good and he will not face any obstructions. Saturn will not be malefic and Jupiter will be helpful. The behaviour of Mercury, Venus will be uncertain.

When Ketu comes to House No. 1, his fortune will get restored. If the native is foulmouthed it will bring disease to the native. The wife of the native will remain under stress. His wealth will grow with the age of his son.

Positive effects of Ketu in 7th house

The native will be blessed with children equal to the number of his brothers and sisters. In the 24th year the native will and a lot of money which is enough to give him comforts for the next 40 years.

The wealth will increase as the 2nd son is born and keeps on growing. He will have victory over his enemies.

When Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are supportive they will give beneficial results. If the native is principled in nature he will be very lucky.

Negative effects of Ketu in 7th house

If the native becomes arrogant he will become unlucky. Ketu is malefic, but when it comes to House No. 1 or when his son attains the age of 18 he will again become very lucky.

When Mercury is malefic he will lead a troubled and unhappy life. Till the age of 34, enemies will trouble the native. However his enemies will be destroyed after the age of 34 with the help of Mercury.

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