Jupiter Ketu Conjunction in various houses | Guru, Ketu in Same house

Jupiter Ketu Conjunction in various houses, Guru Ketu in same house, effects of Brihaspati Ketu conjunction in various houses are explained here.

During this phase, Jupiter is like father and Ketu will be like son. When conjoined, both the planets give benefic results and wherever the individual goes, wealth will flow. When either Jupiter or Ketu becomes malefic, the animate relations connected with Jupiter and Ketu will be  adversely affected.

Effect of Jupiter Ketu Conjunction in 1st house

The native will be religious and blessed with prosperity and good luck. Wealth will flow in his direction everywhere.

Effect of Jupiter Ketu Conjunction in 2nd house

When House No 8 is blank and free from adverse effect, Jupiter Ketu will bring exalted fortune. If there are enemy planets in 8th house it will bring trouble to the native.

Effect of Jupiter Ketu Conjunction in 4th house

In this case, Jupiter will become exalted and Ketu will become malefic but there will be no adverse effect on progeny. The native will be intelligent.

Effect of Jupiter Ketu Conjunction in 6th house

When Jupiter becomes afflicted, he will become a slave of others. When House No 2 is blank, he willl be lucky and get beneficial results.

Effect of Jupiter Ketu Conjunction in 7th house

The native will have the inauspicious effect of Jupiter  and lead a poor life.

Effect of Jupiter Ketu Conjunction in 8th house

This indicates the native will be very poor and lead a miserable life.

Effect of Jupiter Ketu Conjunction in 12th house

The native will be very rich and enjoy the full comforts of night.

Effect of Jupiter Ketu Conjunction in 3rd, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th house

In this case, both Jupiter and Ketu will give their individual effects.

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  1. arunava das says:

    ketu and jupiter in 3rd house and native rashi is brisav.date of birth 25,6,1976, at berhampore,murshidabad,west bengal. time of birth is 10.05 pm.

  2. Lalita Dasa says:


    I have guru and ketu together in the 7th house, which is aries.

    I was told this is a form of Guru candala yoga, which indicates that I was cursed by a brahmana in my last life and therefore should perform a puja to pray to Somanatha for one full year to remove this curse.

    WHat is your opinion?
    Is is guru-candala yoga?

  3. Guru says:

    Lalita Dasa Guru-Ketu Never makes chandal yog, Guru Rahu Makes such yoga, There is nothing such called as puja or anything these are just for our sake you have to go through such condition, but if you are relax while facing such situations, you will less affected.

  4. Sandeep says:

    Hi have guru conjunction ketu in 5 th house in cancer lagana 8….can you let me know this conjuction is good for me….

  5. Rahul says:

    I have guru- kethu yoga in 6th house in cancer rasi…is this good?

    • Anthony balavinodh says:

      I have guru ketu in 6th house from lagna (aquarius) with sun and mercury in 2nd house followed by moon and Venus in 3rd house

  6. Neha says:

    Hi. I have guru and ketu in 10th house in cancer. Professional life is unstable, please advise some remedy.

  7. Ankita Sus S says:

    Venus mars Jupiter in seventh house in leo Rashi? How good or bad it is?

  8. Spiritual girl says:

    I have venus jupiJup ketu in 11th house. What does it mean

    • Anna says:

      I have Jupiter (Sagittarius) and ketu conjunction in 7th house and libra in 5th house in my birth chart ,is it good or bad?

  9. Rakesh says:

    Guru and ketu in 12th house

  10. Dinesh Sachdeva says:

    What is the effect of Jupiter and Ketu in 10th house ?

  11. Simmi Sharma says:

    I have Ketu and Jupiter conjunction in 8 house but m not poor. I m not still married at 40 and family members died, is this conjunction caused a lonely life?

  12. India today All in one chanel says:

    Guru and ketu is in 1st house and rahu is in 7th house please let me know about my marriage

  13. HIREN says:

    Capricorn ascendent kundli where jupiter & ketu placed in 4th house degreewise jupiter is at 29 & ketu at 8 degree , saturn & moon in 7th house from whrere saturn aspects at jupiter- ketu , & mercury in 12th house which is aspected by jupiter- ketu from 4th house how much and which kind of good or bad effects will be there please kindly theow light .