Ketu in 4th House | Ketu in Sukha Bhava

Ketu in 4th House, Ketu in Sukha Bhava (4th house) – what are the effects of Ketu in 4th House – Positive effects and negative effects…

When Ketu is in 4th house the native will have a long life and good wealth and benefit from sea travels. Travels may be fruitful but there would also be delays.

If Moon is afflicted the native will not get a son. Unless Jupiter’s benefic, the native will have many number of daughters.

If a son is born, he would have a long life. The remedy of Jupiter will bring good progeny and prosperity.

Positive effects of Ketu in 4th house

When Ketu is in 4th house, it will be lucky and favourable for the father. It will exalt the power of Jupiter. Even though the birth of a male child will be delayed, with the blessings of the family priest, the son will have a long life. Such a person may be malefic for the health of the mother and articles of the Moon will not be beneficial. The native will be knowledgeable and intelligent and religious and will enjoy a long life and good wealth.

As a remedy, donating the items of Jupiter like gold or yellow things in a temple or to a family priest will be beneficial for children and wealth.

Mars or Moon is not positioned in House No. 3 or 4 will indicate that the native will have more daughters.

Negative effects of Ketu in 4th house

The native will have poor health and may suffer from diabetics. The mother and children may also suffer and the native may have a rash temper and shortage of progeny.

If Moon or Mars is in House No. 3 or 4, Ketu and Moon will become malefic and mother will be unhappy and the native may be denied progeny.

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