Katyayani Aarti | Mata Katyayani Aarti

Katyayani Aarti no-watermark

Katyayani Aarti no-watermark

‘Katyayani Aarti’ is the Aarti dedicated to Maa Katyayani Devi, the Sixth among Navadurga Mata, nine aspects of Goddess Durga worshipped in Navratri Durga Puja. It is popularly recited on sixth day of Navratri.

In Chaitra Navratri, Katyayani Puja date is April 18. In 2021, Katyayani Puja date in Durga Navaratra festival is October 12.

Goddess Katyayani puja is performed on the sixth day during Durga Navratra. On the day of Katyayani puja, Yogis or Sadhak who perform the pooja keep their mind on Ajna Chakra or Agna Chakra. Ajna Chakra is the most important Chakra or the step in spiritual practice.

During this pooja, devotees offer themselves to Katyayani. Katyayani pooja during Durga Navratri makes devotees mentally and physically fit and keeps them in a state to face any challenges in their life.

Katyayani Navadurga Dhyana Mantra

Katyayani Aarti is in the lines of the popular Aarti song ‘OM JAI JAGDEESH HARE’..

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