Karthika Aadivaara Vratham | Ravivaar Vrat in Kartik Month

Karthika Aadivaara Vratham (Ravivaar Vrat in Kartik Month) is a puja performed on Sundays in Karthik Month. In 2018, Karthik Ravivaar dates are – November 11, November 18, November 25 and December 2 in Marathi, Telugu, Kannada and Gujarati calendars.

In 2018, as per North Indian Hindi calendars, Sundays in Kartik Month are – October 29, November 4, November 11 and November 18.

Karthika Ravivaar Vrat Vidhi

On the first day of Kartik Month, perform ceremonial bath and take Sankalpam by praying to Surya Bhagavan that you will perform this vratham with devotion and dedication hence the vratam you will be observing should be fruitful. And also worship Surya Bhagavan to bless you with health and prosperity to accomplish this vrata without any hurdles. And tie 12 Thoras.

Throughout the Karthika Masam, get up in the early morning and read the Karthika Aadivaara Vratha Katha (story associated with Kartik Ravivar vrat) and put Akshatas on your head.

On Karthik Month Sundays, avoid consuming Til (Sesame / Nuvvulu), oily food, non-vegetarian and alcohol. Perform Surya Bhagavan Shodashopachara Puja on this day. Chant Aditya Hridayam or Surya Astottara Shatanama Stotram.

After this banana fruits with milk or Kheer (Payasam) are offered as Naivedyam while chanting Surya Kavacham.

This puja can be done by placing Surya Yantram, or the image or the idol of Surya Bhagavan or to the Pratyaksha Surya Bhagavan (directly to Sun God at Sunrise).

Like this, this puja is performed for three years. On the last Sunday of Karthik Month in 3rd year, after completing the puja, any metal piece carved in the shape of Sun God is donated to Brahmin after performing Shodashopachara to that, also by offering him Dakshina and Tambulam (supari).

This Karthika Ravivaar Vrat is significantly important for those women who are suffering from malnutrition and from other diseases. If unmarried girls perform this vrata, would get married very soon to an ideal boy.

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